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The Last Word

Overall this movie is terrible.  TERRIBLE.  But it does have two amazing things going for it.  1. Ray Romano.  Ray Romano is so, so good in this movie.  2. It also has what I would consider a genuinely, legitimately happy ending.  A no bullshit, no cheese happy ending for the skeptical, the disillusioned and the cranky at heart.

If you could edit this movie down to all the scenes with Ray and the ending, it would be breathtaking.  Instead you have to suffer through a lot of lousy, stilted, phony shit to get what is amazing.  It’s a lot like life, in that way.


A 27 movie salute

There was a time when my most vivid memories were not of moments in my life but of scenes from movies.

My father used to joke that I should get married in a movie theater.  The groom and I could walk down separate aisles to the front, have the ceremony and then settle down with our nearest and dearest for the mother of all film festivals with excellent nonstop catered food and snacks in the lobby.  Future Beaux, you have been warned.  I laughed it off then, but remembering and relaying it here, I see the charm in this.

On moving to New York, I decided to stop watching movies.  There is so much to see and do here, when would I find the time.  I went to live shows and attended events and gatherings, reasoning that I should do so while I had the energy.  Eventually when I ran out of steam, I could sit still and watch all the movies that my eyeballs could handle.

I am nearing that point.  I dream less of rock festivals and more of chilling on a rocking chair.  These days, I see a lot of movies on planes.  When I see something in the theater it’s often on a date which means that it probably has explosions in it.

Here, in no particular order are some movies I have seen and enjoyed on and off planes.  There might be spoilers ahead.

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