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Month: December, 2014

A scientist was asked to review a new paper. You’ll never guess what happened next!


Violent metaphors

_KCM4407(Apologies for the egregious clickbaity title.)

A professor I know was recently sent a manuscript to review from PLOS ONE. Nothing unusual in that…except that it was his own paper. After briefly debating how to respond, he accepted the invitation to review the paper, and submitted the following review:

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Let us have lettuce

He is making my salad.

I hate salad but am recently feeling that perhaps I could stand to have a bit more greenery in my life. For my health and an elevated sense of virtue. I placed my order and he is making it to order.

This time it occurs to me to ask, “Does working here make you eat healthier?”

“No. In fact the opposite, I eat a lot of pizza,” he replies. He has only recently started this job and has not yet been inspired to eat what he makes.

This makes me feel better.

If I made salad for a living I would eat nothing but french fries.