"This is my brain, and I live in it." – Tim Minchin

Month: October, 2014

On the commute

Commuting to work by subway means that you do not have to think about where you’re going.

You just have to keep track of the stops and transfers.

That’s all.

Although, even that can have its challenges.  I had to stop reading fiction on the train.  I would get engrossed and look up pages later having missed my stop or a transfer by several stations.

Stops.  Transfers.  And your fellow passengers – try not to piss too many people off during your commute. (Some of us can muster a fierce and  eloquent fury in the morning, even hungover, sleep deprived and lacking coffee.  Or perhaps because.)

All of that said, at any given time but particularly in the morning, riding the subway frees a body up to do other things.  You can’t do everything but you could

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Job Titles

I am chatting with the salad artiste behind the counter.  He asks me what I do for a living and who I work for.  He is surprised to find that I am not a college student.  As I describe what I do and where I work, his coworker walks up with arms folded and interjects, “She’s telling you that she’s the Big Dog.”

I pause and start laughing.  Damn straight.

This might become my standard reply when people ask me what do for a living.

“I’m the Big Dog.  You can ask the Salad Guy.”