Singing in the old bars, Swinging with the old stars

by soozkim

The appeal of Lana Del Rey’s song Video Games has eluded me.  It’s desperately gloomy, flat, and monochromatic. Admitting to this, I put my life at risk. Just about every 20-something woman I know is a rabid, die-hard Lana Del Rey fan. It might be generational. I have tried, but it’s a thing that I never got.

Until last night.

I heard Boy George’s cover of the song on Soundcheck and I saw the light.  Amazing. His cover is sublime. It’s heartbreaking and human. Like seeing a flower push up between the cracks of the sidewalk. The guitar, the strings, and his weathered, husky, feathery vocal animate the song and give it breath and curves. It has a soul and a story. This cover is so good that I am reconsidering my position on the original and Ms. Del Rey.

Boy George, thanks for this.